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Swimming Pool Design, Construction, Equipment, Cleaning, & Maintenance

Established since 2017, Haaz Pools Sdn Bhd currently is a leading of the swimming pool contractor in Malaysia. With the advance technology available today, to build a new swimming pool is very affordable and their maintenance is much more convenient and cheaper. Haaz Pools offers the affordable prices to the customers and giving them the best quality of the services suitable with the company motto


With our experiences worker, we successfully build many types of swimming pools such as infinity pool, overflow pool, skimmer pool and also the water feature. We also had a well-trained technicians and cleaners provide to do regular pool maintenance services and our current clients are very impressed with the reliability and quality of service rendered.

We are CIDB registration contractor also registered with Minister of Finance Malaysia and 100% Bumiputera owned.


The company, Haaz Pools Sdn Bhd is mainly involved in swimming pools and water features works in Malaysia. Our main line of business is as follows:

Regular Maintenance & Services

We provide pool inspection, water chemistry parameter test and provide regular/full maintenance.

Build New Pool

We construct and design concrete structure pool system with eco-friendly mechanical and electrical

Troubleshooting & Renovation

We can repair any breakdown on your pool system, pipeline or structure leakage.


We are also the major retailing that provide eco-friendly pool equipment and also chemical in the industry.

Pool Maintenance

Most comprehensive pool maintenance service in Malaysia

Pool Cleaning

Best in Malaysia, and with the most affordable cleaning service

Pool Construction

In business for 20 years, we have constructed hundreds of swimming pools

Pool Design

Award winning swimming pool designers that will surely meet your needs

Pool Equipment

We offer the widest variety of swimming pool equipment with installation

Pool Supplies

From filters to ladders, we have everything for your swimming pool needs


Haaz Pools Sdn Bhd

Overflow System

Overflow system is a channel or an open trench that runs around the perimeter of a pool. It is also known as an overflow gutter, which means the water is allowed to overflow and then re-circulated through the pump and the filter to go back into the pool.

Haaz Pools Sdn Bhd

Water Feature

A water feature is one or more items of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams. They are supplied with water using hydraulic rams to create aesthetic decoration.

Haaz Pools Sdn Bhd

Infinity System

An infinity pool is a swimming pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon or seemingly extending to infinity.

Haaz Pools Sdn Bhd

Skimmer System

Surface skimmers are fixtures in the wall of the pool that draw a thin film of water over a self-adjusting floating weir. Its presence is to make sure that the water level is always maintained within the operational parameters of the system’s rim or weir


We strive to offer competitive rates for our products and services to maximize the value that you will enjoy through innovation and creativity









Haaz Pools Sdn Bhd

No 4 Jalan Jasa 16, Taman Medan Pejasa, Batu 7 Jalan Klang Lama, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.

+603-7772 6140

+6011-3668 8600